Born and raised in Seymour, IN, I attended Concordia University Chicago from 2002-2006. I majored in Theology, with minors in Spanish, Greek, and Hebrew. In 2006, I married my college sweetheart, Stan Lemon, and moved to Pittsburgh, PA for a one year deaconess internship at Concordia Lutheran Ministries.

The one year internship became a full-time job offer, resulting in a home purchase, eventual organ lessons for me and work as a church organist, and the beginnings of Pittsburgh sports fandom. Stan and I welcomed two children while living in PA before relocating to Indiana in 2013. Our third child was born the following year and immediately indoctrinated with a love of Pirates baseball and Steelers football.

In 2017, we made the decision to homeschool our three little Lemons. This adventure continues, with our children often enthusiastically joining me in art and craft endeavors.

As a side note, my children are neurotypical. I know my experiences with homeschooling and child behavior can not translate into universal advice. I’m not here to give that. Also, I have no affiliations with any company that would influence any product recommendations or criticisms I may offer. If I tell you I like something, I just do. You won’t put money in my pocket if you decide to try it for yourself. 🙂 If for some reason that were to ever change, I will disclose it.